Company Policies

To our valued customers, please be aware of the following policies and disclaimers Colorific must make. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

Copyright Materials

It is our understanding and position that any film, photographs, digital files or artwork submitted to Colorific for processing, copy work or reproduction purposes has been done so with the permission of the copyright owner. Colorific assumes no liability for copyright infringement, and Colorific’s customers agree to indemnify Colorific for all costs and expenses, including but not limited to lawyer’s fees or judgements, resulting from any claim or lawsuit against Colorific for copyright infringement. If the customer’s working material is marked as being copyrighted, the customer must fill out a copyright indemnity form.

Supplied Materials

Due the extensive variety of supplied artwork that Colorific is required to work with, we must make the following disclaimer: Colorific is not responsible for any supplied materials. In the unlikely event that damage to any supplied artwork does occur, Colorific’s monetary responsibilities cannot extend beyond the cost of the services performed at Colorific.

Fine Art and Special Handling

Due to the level of effort and difficulty associated with fine art jobs, Colorific must have the following policy: Special handling and attention is required for all jobs of a fine art nature. While every effort is taken to do the job as close to perfect as possible, there are things that Colorific does not always have control over. Dust, ripples, creases and defects in material will inevitably show up. Colorific always aims for the highest quality and will complete the job to an acceptable level, as determined by our Quality Control team. It is our policy that for any job a customer does not think is acceptable, Colorific will redo the job at a 50% cost. Any supplied materials (i.e. supplied prints) would need to be supplied again to Colorific at the customers expense.

Environmental Policies

Colorific Digital Printing Solutions is committed to the environment and the environmental performance of the company. Where ever possible the company re-uses and recycles all materials – from our packaging supplies to release papers, films and material containers. We choose to do business with environmentally responsible suppliers and sub-contractors in order to minimize our impact on the planet. In house regulations also monitor energy and water consumption and we also have the necessary steps in place for disposing of any chemicals that we do use in a proper, certified manner.

The following principles guide our decisions and promote the growth of our environmentally responsible practices:

  • We care passionately about the environment and are one of a handful of printing companies in North America that use completely biodegradable banner materials (BioBanner), recycled bioboard and oxo-biodegradable ‘High-Core’ coreplast sheets.
  • We promote the use of new eco-friendly display solutions, and structures made from renewable resources such as bamboo.
  • We encourage pdf digital proofs instead of paper proofs.
  • We choose local suppliers to help cut down substantially on carbon emissions.
  • All our inks are environmentally controlled and disposed of properly.
  • Our photographic processor is water regulated.
  • We reuse and recycle all our shipping materials and material packaging containers.
  • Ensure that existing and potential clients are aware of our environmental aims and credentials by actively promoting these on our website and when tendering for printing jobs.