Custom Work and Installation

Colorific goes above and beyond the services of a normal print shop to offer our customers unique custom finshing options. Whether it is adding a decorative edge to a mounted print or a specialized hanging system, we have the ideas and solutions for you.


Cut out a shape or around a keyline to add dimension and interest to your mounted pieces. Great for creating life-sized images, cartoon characters or a unique piece of art.

3D Lettering

3D letters are a quick and easy way to add sophistication to an office or presentation centre. Choose from a variety of thicknesses, finishes and colors.

Edge Finishing and Polishing

Finishing the edge of an MDF or acrylic boards is a great way to set your project apart from others. We offer a variety of edge finishing services that range from painting and beveling the edges of MDF boards to hand polishing acrylic for a high-gloss shine.


A popular and simple way to display almost any type of rigid board. The board appears to be floating off the wall, creating the illusion of depth. The cleat hardware is securely hidden from view, so all you see is a magnificant finished piece.

Grommets and Loops

Grommets are little metal rings that are pressed into vinyl banners and thinner foamcore boards. They are a good solution for hanging outdoor banners as hooks and ropes slide easily through. We have a selection of sizes and both chrome and brass finishes available. Loops, or rod pockets, are flaps of material folded over and secured, creating a pocket at the top or bottom of banner.

Installation Services

Allow our professional installation team to install any vinyl, graphics, signage or banners. Please contact or call a sales represenative for a further details.