Eco-Friendly Finishing Options


Colorific is proud to offer an eco-friendly option for short term use signage. Bio-Core is very similar in appearence to regular core-plast, however unlike conventional plastic boards, Bio-Core is made to degrade.

Material Specifications

  • Compostable – it will disappear in a landfill
  • Degrades totally to leave carbon dioxide and water
  • Completely recyclable before the atart of degradation
  • Non-toxic
  • Conforms to ASTM D6954-01


Composite aluminium panels that are ideal for outdoor graphics and signage. UV Direct digital printing to Alubond creates a strong indoor or outdoor panel that can be recycled.


BioBoard is a cardboard-based material that is 100% recyclable and contains over 60% post-consumer waste content.  Lightweight and easy to cut, BioBoard can be joined or drilled with traditional tools.  Sheets available in ½”, ¾” and 1″ thicknesses.


Bio-Degradable: A paper-faced foamboard with Sustainable Forest Initiative liners that is made with no less that 15% recycled content.  The foam core biodegrades in one to five years when disposed of in landfills or composting environments.

Duraplast® Bio-Degradable

: An all-plastic foamboard with a biodegradable polystyrene center made with no less than 15% recycled content. Waterproof, completely recyclable and bi0degradable.  Compared to conventional foamboards which do not biodegrade for 80 to 450 years, Duraplast foamboard breaks down completely within in one to five years in a landfill.

Hi-Core® Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic:

A completely recyclable, corrugated plastic sheet that is both non-toxic and completely biodegradable. When used in outdoor signage, Hi-Core has a display life of 5-6 months, and then begins to biodegrade.  The material breaks down completely after 24 months in a landfill, leaving only carbon dioxide and water.


Recycled post-consumer paper fiber.

Corrugated Cardstock:

Entirely recycled and biodegradable.

Please contact us for any details on these products and how best they can be used for you project!