Lamination is an excellent way to give your prints longevity and protect them against dust, scratches and UV rays. Sunlight is the enemy of all photographs and artwork, and lamination is a great way to help preserve your work. In todays modern cities, air pollution is also a major factor affecting photographs and artwork, giving new reasons to consider lamination. We have a variety of both pressure sensitive and heat activated laminate films in a few different finishes.

UV Matte Lamination

The UV matte lamination is our highest quality and most popular lamination for a number of reasons. This lamination has UV protection infused into the film, which will help protect your images from fading caused by harmful sunlight and pollution. It is also an optically clear lamination, meaning that the matte finish does not look dull or cloudy. This is also a very versatile lamination that will work on almost any type of material and is ideal for:

  • Fine art and photography
  • Interior signage
  • Wall murals
  • Adding longevity to backlit images
  • Protecting precious family photos

Canseal II Lamination

Canseal is a thin lamination that comes in a variety of thicknesses and can also be double-sided with a sealed edge. There is a high gloss finish, as well as a lustre finish available.

Specialty Lamination

Colorific works with the world’s leading suppliers for unique laminate films, such as scuff-resistant, anti-graffiti and non-slip lamination for floor graphics. Should you have a particular idea in mind, talk to one of our sales reps to find out which product will be right for you.


Backer films are used mainly for tradeshow displays graphics or where an added bit of stiffness is required. The process involves putting the desired lamination on the front of a print and a thicker layer on the back. We have a high-quality light-blocking backer available that works well for posters and signage as well as tradeshow displays.