Project Spotlight: ‘Wounded Soles’ Charity Art Exhibition

Last year Colorific had the opportunity to help sponsor the art exhibit “Wounded Soles” – a charity art event organized through the Rotaract Club of New Westminster to raise shoes for children in India. The event was a huge success, providing 1,600 children with custom shoes.

Dear Steve,

I want to personally thank you for supporting the “Wounded Soles” event, as well as the work of the Rotaract Club of New Westminster with your generous contribution.

The feedback from June 11th, 2010 has been enormously positive.  The venue, entertainment and the quality of the artwork have been praised and it is clear from the enthusiastic reception given to our speaker, Dr. Ashok Kotwal, that our attendees were delighted to have the opportunity to converse with him in such a unique setting.  Your sponsorship helped to make the evening a great success and offered attendees a glimpse into a (not so fictional) world without shoes.

You will be pleased to know that over US $3,400 were raised for the project. These funds were enough to provide 1,600 school children (double the initial goal of 860 pairs of shoes) in Mulky, India with custom-made shoes. We have just received word from the Rotary Club of Mulky, India, that the shoes were finally distributed to the schools in need. Each school then hosted a function inviting local media and political leaders, as well as education officers, to learn more about this initiative and the difficulties these students face. Thanks to your contribution, they now have the opportunity to experience real childhoods, devoid of the physical and psychological disadvantages of walking barefoot.

Attached you may find a few photos from the school ceremonies. Thank you once again, Steve, for being part of a meaningful initiative to help the healthy development of destitute children such as these.

All the best,

Alecsandra Dragne
Director of International Projects of the Rotaract Club of New Westminster (2009-2010)

Check out the Rotaract Club of New Westminster for more information:

Below are some photos of the ceremonies where the children received their shoes.